To have a piece of solid glass to work with is quite rare and extraordinary.  My desire was to take this rare ‘gem’ and bring forth the exquisite light activity to capture the reflections and depth of the Blue Diamond. The visual interaction with the piece is exciting and spectacular as colorful prisms dance around it at every turn.

VISUAL ACTIVITY:   As Blue Diamond rotates on its turntable, the reflective and refractive light creates prisms and specular highlights which are continuously interacting within and around the sculpture.

MEDIUMS – Furnace Glass, Starfire Glass, Marble
EDGE DETAIL – High Polished, Faceted, Mitered, Beveled
DIMENSION – 20”x 64” x 20”
WEIGHT – 350 lbs.
Current Events

Incase you were wondering, heres what I’ve been working on…

I am currently in the running for multiple public art commissions in major cities around the country. My goal is to continue expanding on the knowledge I gained through the work I have completed at City Hall and find bigger and interesting spaces as outlets for creativity. On the same token, a new Earthwork project is in it’s planning phase. If any of you remember the Lights on the Summerlin Ridge, our next undertaking should prove to be twice as massive and hopefully just as thought provoking. Our dream is to make something meaningful to the city of Las vegas and everyone who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves!

I am in the process of cultivating a body of work that will fill a gallery at Milici Studios. Having my own gallery has been a goal of mine for many years. Our plan is to launch the gallery with a small event with family friends and colleagues. Las Vegas has been a great home to us for many years and even though my future endeavors may take me far from home I always want a place here for art and friends.

Here at Milici Studios we appreciate everyone’s support and are here to create. Please check back with us regularly to as our blog will have insights into future and current projects.

Thank you all so much

Modern Masters Excerpt
The Las Vegas New City Hall Project

Las Vegas New City Hall

Tony Milici breaths life into the vision of architect Howard F. Elkus in the monumental glass sculpture he created for the new Las Vegas City Hall.  The striking one-of-a-kind sculpture provides the focal point in the Lobby of the City Hall and captures the attention of a very eloquently designed building.   Accentuated lines within the body of the piece are derived from the concrete blocks that are the foundational structures of the Hoover Dam.  During an 18 month span, over 4000 pieces of layered, dimensional glass were used to complete the project. The layered imagery of cascading, flowing water represents the power and energy the Hoover Dam generates for our city.  Standing 30′ wide by 22′ tall by 20′ deep and weighing 40,000 pounds, it has a powerful presence through its scale, depth, and attention to detail. “I believe I grew exponentially through the process as we developed new techniques of sculpting, polishing and laminating glass, elevating our medium to a new monumental scale. I’m extremely excited about incorporating these new techniques and reasonings in works I’ve yet to explore”.

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